“Who’s flapping now?” Flappy Bird pulled from all App Stores

In an amazing if not defiant twist, Flappy Bird  indie developer Dong Nguyen (of dotGears games based in Hanoi) has kept to his word and completely removed his smash-hit game Flappy Bird from the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store February 9. The game’s simple yet addictive gameplay involves tapping the screen to guide a tireless pixelated “flapping” bird through gaps between Mario-style green pipes to its, probably non-existent, destination. The game’s brutal difficulty has been as praised as it has been condemned since it became available in 2013. It suddenly became wildly popular and until now has topped the game downloads sections of app stores worldwide. However, the developer suddenly announced via his twitter page that he would be pulling the game from all app stores saying:

Some people believed that the reason he pulled the app was for legal concerns but then he added:

Following these tweets, just as he promised, 22 hours later the app was no longer available for download on both the Android Play Store and Apple’s App store. It however, remains available for all who have already installed the app and will only be completely unavailable upon uninstallation. So if you’re reading this and you still don’t have Flappy Bird installed on your device then hard luck because you might not have the chance to download it anymore. On a sidenote, God! I loved that game!! Oh well, I’m going to keep enjoying it because I have no plans of removing it. 😉


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